How Being Plant-Based Changed My Way of Thinking Completely.

How my way of thinking changed when switching to a plant-based dietI have been health conscious for a long time now and I always thought that animal products were an important part of your diet. But the more I was researching about health, the more I started doubting about animal products. A few months ago I made the conclusion to fully cut them out. Not only my view on health changed, but I started seeing the truth of animal cruelty and the environmental problems too. Since going plant-based, my way of thinking has changed immensely.

First I want to say that I respect EVERYONE’S choices. Personally I choose to eat a plant-based diet, but I truly believe that different things work out for everyone. If you are not vegan, I don’t care. You should do what makes you happy and comfortable. Just like I respect all of your choices, I hope that you respect mine too. Today I just want to share the things that I experienced on this journey so far. It has been a crazy journey already, but I can’t wait for what the future holds.

How my way of thinking changed when switching to a plant-based diet

In the beginning I was eating plant-based mainly for my health, but after watching documentaries and educating myself, I started to get more and more interested in getting to know more about animal cruelty. I have always been a person who wants all things to be fair, equal and in peace. To me it is very important that everyone is free, respected and has the rights to be themselves. Even though I already knew a lot about the production of animal products, I never realised that it is not fair. But after seeing some documentaries and hearing the opinions from other people from a different view, I started seeing that what is happening to animals is not normal, natural and definitely not right.

I always have thought that humans are too selfish in a way and feel that they are the most powerful on Earth. I never agreed to the fact that humans ‘own’ this world and build houses, roads, factories etc., because they think it is theirs. I truly believe that this world is from everyone and everyone should be careful with the planet. Even though this has been in mind since I was very little, I never choose to go vegetarian or vegan. Probably because I thought that it was ‘normal’ to eat animals. Animals are not a possession of humans, not even if society makes it seem like it is normal.How my way of thinking changed when switching to a plant-based diet

Now I am a bit further in my journey and now I see the truth, every time I look at people eating animal products I see what cruelty is done & how unfair it is. I am happy that I know the truth now and that my eyes are opened, but I hope that these images will go away later. I personally think that this is a stage in this journey and that later when I fully respect that those people just don’t know any better (just like I did), those thoughts will go away too.

When I was younger I would go to my grandfather’s farm and thought that cows were ment to give us milk, that it was their ‘job’ and that they were taken care of. I didn’t realise that cows were ment to live in the wild, without providing humans from milk. I loved going to the farm and look at the cows. But now I look back, I see things differently. I see a mother cow being raped, I see a baby cow taken away from her mother, I see humans taking away the milk that was ment for the calf, I see a very unfair world. Even though it hurts letting go of great childhood memories, I am grateful that I am finally seeing the truth now.

How my way of thinking changed when switching to a plant-based diet

Realising that you don’t want to be a part of this anymore feels great, it’s like you finally realise what truly matters. You start feeling more connected to nature, animals and everything around you and I can not even describe how amazing that feels! I believe that because of this I slowly start to appreciate myself a little more too, which is something I wanted to work on for a very long time already.

So many other things changed too, but these are just a few that I wanted to share with you today. If you have any questions, let me know!

I would love to know from you what you experienced when going vegan or transitioning to another lifestyle.

keep dreaming

2 thoughts on “How Being Plant-Based Changed My Way of Thinking Completely.

    1. Thanks Anna! I never used to talk or write about my feeling and I would be stuffed with negative feelings, but writing on my blog and talking to like-minded people like you has been great! It helps to get to know myself better too.

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