Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations.


Being a dreamer and a person who comes up with crazy ideas is in my opinion definitely a good quality. However, sometimes I hate having this quality. I have so many ideas, imaginations and expectations and most of the time nothing exceeds one of them.

I have a whole idea in my head how everything should be and if something is a little different, it feels like everything is ruined.  

Since that I was a little child I always had the idea that life was like a fairy tales. All the princesses start with a life full of difficulties, but in the end they find the place where they belong and everything is perfect. For some reason there is this little person inside of me who thinks that this is the truth, that there truly is a world where I will feel amazing all the time. Even though I know that nothing of this is true, there is always this little hope inside of me that keeps believing. I truly believe that staying positive and keep hoping is a great thing, but when it isn’t realistic you will be disappointed in the end.

As a perfectionist I can’t even explain how awful it feels not being able to fulfill your ideas or dreams. It feels like you failed, like you can’t give your everything to make your dreams come true, just because it is not possible.


When I look at a place in nature, I get an image in my head that would be a great picture. But when I want to take the picture, it never turns out the way it was created in my head and I am always disappointed. The pictures I made for this post are an example of that, I still wanted to add them in this post. So later I can look back and maybe look at them and love them, because I don’t compare it with the wanted image that I have in my head right now.

Even though I wished I could let go of my expectations, I also feel like I don’t want to lose them. The feeling of excitement, joy, creativity and hope while dreaming are all feelings that I don’t want to miss. I just wished that they would stay with me during the entire process.

I really want to work on dealing with my expectations in a better way.

This quote is a great reminder and I hope that you love it as much as I do:

‘Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations.’


I hope that you all start you week right!

keep dreaming

4 thoughts on “Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations.

  1. omg we could be the same person!!! I’m also a perfectionist and it’s so annoying :( not to talk about the expectations…. bfff I’m such a dreamer haha love the pictures and the quote <3

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  2. That sounds so much like me!! I´m a perfectionist as well and I´m working hard on myself, but I so get you with not wanting to let go of the dreams! I, too, hope that maybe one day some things will come true. But I also think that we should enjoy right now, with or without dreamy glasses;-) I really try to make the best of right now, cause that´s really all we have! (It´s easily said, but I find it so hard sometimes! There´s a quote I like to that: Every day is a gift, but some are really packed stupidly!)
    Ohh and that with the expectations!…
    I loved your post AND your pics! XO

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