Summer Hairstyle Tutorial

Hairstyle tutorial

In summer, long hair can be annoying. It is warm and the wind causes it to tangle very easily. Putting your hair up isn’t only a way to keep your hair out of your face, but it gives a fun twist to your normal look too.

Lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest especially the food, inspiration, photography and beauty section. I saw some beautiful hairstyle and tried to mix some of my favourite ideas together to create my own. I wanted it too look cute, keep my hair out of my face and have a bohemian touch to it. That’s why I choose to use some braids in this hairstyle. It’s not difficult, so I hope that you all have fun trying out this hairstyle!

Before you start make sure that you know how much hair you will be using for all the different steps. You need just a little part at the top side of your head (to wrap around the ponytail), around 2/3 of your hair for all the three braids (so you need to divide that into 3) and around 1/3 of hair to add to the ponytail.

Hairstyle tutorial

Divide the part for the braids into three. Start making a small braid with the part closes to your head and secure the braid with a small elasticband.
Hairstyle tutorial

Next to the first braid, create a small fishtail braid. Again keep it together with a small elasticband.  Hairstyle tutorial

Finally braid a second regular braid, next to the fishtail braid that you created before and secure it. Hairstyle tutorial

If you want to volumize your braids, you can carefully try to pull the braids apart just a little bit to make them a bigger. Don’t pull to hard or the braids will tear apart.
Hairstyle tutorial

Hairstyle tutorial

Twist the part at the top of you head and wrap it around the braids and leftover hair so it creates an ‘elastic band’. Keep it together with a bobby pin and place it at the back, so you can’t see it.

I now that food is one of the main topics on this blog, but I am so excited to add some more lifestyle and fashion things too. I will definitely not stop making recipes, because I love making them. I would love to know what you think, so let me know!

keep dreaming

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