DIY Butterfly Tea Bags + Tea Box Template

diy butterfly tea bagsThe times that I drink tea have always been a special moment to me, it is warm, relaxing and delicious. While searching on the Internet I came a across tea bags that had a paper butterfly sitting on the edge of the teacup. I thought that it was such a creative idea that it inspired me to make some myself.These cute butterflies give a fun extra touch to your teacup and are a very cute gift for your loved ones. I added an extra template for a teabox where you can store your little butterflies in or give them as a gift.

Things needed for the butterfly tea bags:

  • Carbon paper
  • Pencil
  • Watercolour paper
  • Butterfly template
  • Waterproof pen or marker
  • Watercolours
  • White arylic paint
  • Tea bags with string
  • Scissors
  • Small brush or toothpick
  • Optional (Box template) + thick paper to print it on.

diy butterfly tea bagsStart by printing out the template of the butterfly here. With carbon paper, draw the butterfly on thick enough watercolour paper.

butterfly tea bagWith a black waterproof marker or pen colour in all the parts that need to be black.

diy butterfly tea bagsChoose a colour that you like and paint one thin watercoloured layer on the wings.

IMG_7543 editNow add extra layers of watercolour on the parts that you want to make a little darker. Keep adding thin layers until you get the desired colour.

IMG_7551 editWith a waterproof pen or marker colour in the black parts of the butterfly. Now take a very small brush or toothpick and add white dots on the wings with acrylic paint.

IMG_7553Cut out the butterfly and if you want you can paste a coloured paper on the back. I also plasticized it, so I can re-use it without getting wet. Fold the butterfly wings in half. Take your scissors and cut two strips as shown on the picture.

diy butterfly tea bagsFold the wings open and cut two vertical line between the horizontal lines. This way you create a rectangular hole.
IMG_7557 editPut the string of the tea bag through the whole and knot it together.

If you aren’t a big fan of drawing and painting than you can print the drawn template here, this way you only have to cut them out, make a whole in them and attach the string.

diy butterfly tea bags

If you want to make the box too, than here is the template. Just print it out on thick paper, fold it and glue it together. When cutting out the template, don’t forget to make a small cut near the wings. If you look well at the template, you can see exactly how far you need to cut. This is important because it makes it possible to close the box nicely.

Place the tea bag into a cup and put the butterfly on the edge. Pour some hot water into the mug and enjoy!

diy butterfly tea bags

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and I see you soon!

keep dreaming

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