Combat Boredom With These 5 Simple Tips

Combat boredom with these 5 simple tipsBoredom is one of my greatest and strongest enemies, but I finally found a way to win the battle. In my previous lifestyle blogpost I told you about my feelings lately. Boredom is one of the things that I am experiencing all the time. I am a person who wants to get the most out of life and be productive, but boredom and not feeling like doing anything is standing in my way. Lately I have been doing some small things that decreased the boredom a little. Hopefully these tips can help you too.

  • Go and do something even if you don’t feel like doing it: I know that this is the most difficult thing to do when you are bored, but it can help you to forget about the boredom. When you are doing nothing at all, you are only thinking things like: ‘I don’t want to do anything’ ‘I am so bored!’, these thoughts can make you go crazy! So even if you don’t want to do something, go for a walk, explore nature, take pictures ,read a book or watch a documentary. These things distract you a bit from your thoughts and they might even make you excited to go on with these activities even if you didn´t feel like doing it in the first place.Combat boredom with these 5 simple tips
  • Do something easy where you don’t have to do or think to much: Personally I find it very hard to draw when I am bored, because when I don’t feel like doing anything I can’t come up with ideas or I ruin the drawing, which make me even more frustrated. Try doing things like reading a book or going for a walk, activities like this can’t really go wrong and won’t make you feel disappointed or make you feel worthless.combat boredom with these 5 simple tips
  • Find a new hobby: Try out new things that you have never done before can truly help you to get excited again. If you have been doing the same things over again, you get bored of them which is normal. Try new things until you find what really fits to you. I have wanted to start growing my own fruits and vegetables for such a long time and I finally made my own garden now! I love watching the plants grow and it is something that makes me excited every day.Combat boredom with these 5 simple tips
  • Make a to do list: I always have a little notebook with me, so when an idea or task pops into my head I can write it down. The things I write down are both fun things as productive things. When I am bored or when I have some free time, I look at the things I wrote down and try doing some of those things. I know that when you are bored, you probably don’t want to do anything of these things anymore. But just as I wrote earlier they can clear your mind a bit and might make you a bit excited again.combat boredom with these 5 simple tips
  • Do things that have to be done: Doing the dishes or cleaning your room are probably not the things that you are excited about when being bored. However if you do them now you don’t have to do them at times that you are excited to do things. When I reflect on days when I was bored, I look at my day and feel a little disappointed. I didn’t do anything and just wasted my day. When you do things that have to be done, you can look back at your day and feel proud about your self, rather than disappointed.  

I still experience boredom a lot, but these techniques do help me at times when I have control over my feelings. Especially gardening and writing blogposts have really helped me to feel more joy and fill up my time. What are some of the things that you do to combat boredom and what are the things that make you happy? keep dreaming

6 thoughts on “Combat Boredom With These 5 Simple Tips

    1. Awesome! To do lists are a lifesaver, my only problem is that I use every paper I can find because I forget things very easily. So I have to do list laying everywhere in the house. 😊❤️

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