DIY Terrarium Necklace Tutorial

IMG_6914 editA week ago my favourite youtuber posted a haul video and she had bought a beautiful terrarium necklace. I saw this necklace and got obsessed with it. I am a person who does not like to spend money  and I always prefer making things myself for much cheaper. So I recreated these super cute terrarium necklaces and I would love to tell you how.

IMG_6897 edit

Supplies needed:

  • Wire
  • Very small bottle with cork
  • Chain for the necklace
  • Tweezers
  • Jewellery supplies, one to cut the wire (side cutter) and one to shape the wire (round nose plier)
  • Small plant that you like, like moss, rosemary etc.


Start by pushing a piece of wire into the cork, if pushing doesn’t work for you try twisting the wire while pushing. Now bend the piece of wire on the bottom of the cork toward the cork, this way the wire can’t come out of the cork. Now take your round nose plier and make loop with from the wire coming out of the top of the cork. Now place your chain trough this loop.

PicMonkey Collage 3

Now take your tweezers and carefully place your small plants into the bottle. You can chose to just add one plant or you can make fun combinations with different plants.


I read somewhere that to keep these plants alive you can add just a tiny bit of water every week into the bottle and leave the cork of the bottle for 1 or 2 days. I will definitely try this but if it doesn’t work, I will just take new plants and create new combinations.



I think that this is a great and unique way to spice up your outfits and feel connected to nature. Nature has always been a great inspiration to me and I love being around plants and flowers. This way I can be connected to nature all the time and it gives a personal touch to my outfits.

I am very curious to know what plants you would put into these bottles and I hope that you all have a beautiful weekend.

keep dreaming

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