Healthy Raw Rainbow Banana Nicecream

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After a busy week of studying, I thought it was time to treat myself with a beautiful and delicious banana ‘nice’ cream with a lot of fruit.

This icecream is creamy, colourful and super sweet.


    • 2 cut up frozen bananas
    • 125 grams of frozen blueberries
    • 125 grams of frozen raspberries
    • 1 pear
    • 1 apple
    • 1 mandarine

Other things needed:

  • clear glass
  • blender, foodprocessor or yonanas icecream maker*
  • * If using a yonanas icecream maker when making the blueberry or raspberry layer, make sure you start by placing some berries first, then a bit of banana, then a berrie etc. Other wise it will not mix well in the machine.


First cut up your apple and pear and peal your mandarine. Place the cut up pear on the bottom of your clear glass, with the green skin on the outside. So you can see it’s beautiful colour.

Now start making the different layers of ice cream. Start with the lightest colour and the darkest as last. This way you don’t have to clean you blender, foodprocessor or icecream maker after every layer. Divide the 2 cut up bananas in 3. Make sure that you have a little bit more banana for the yellow layer than for the raspberry and blueberry layer, because you will not add extra fruit to this one. Put the bananas for the yellow layer in the blender, foodprocessor etc. Now add the icecream on top of pear and place your mandarine slices on top of the ice cream layer.

For the second icecream layer we are going to mix the raspberries and some bananas in your machine and add this layer on top of the madarine. Place the sliced apple with the skin facing the glass.

For the third layer mix the left over, cut up banana and mix this with the blueberries in your machine. Add this layer on to the apple and you beautiful, rainbow banana ‘nice’ cream is ready to enjoy. If you like you can put some extra fruit, nuts or other decorations on top.

I hope that you are having a beautiful weekend and don’t forget to treat youself once in a while.

Keep Dreaming


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